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Disobedient Daisies

Paradise sits between having nothing to worry about and choosing to worry about nothing. The cool air nips my nose as soon as I step outside. The May sun is sitting close to its highest point, off-centre and leaning towards the north. My eyes soften, my chest rises. The urge to open my phone and look for the app I deleted overcomes me. My fingers mime the movement of swiping. I shudder, putting my phone back in my pocket.

I’ve put on the newest LDR album as the soundtrack of my movement. I always like to either clean…

The Victorian state government has once again butted heads with the federal government’s approach to COVID-19. Despite the state’s acting premier James Merlino announcing a $250.7m Circuit Breaker Business Support Package, there is a large gap in whom that can help. It is predicted that the lockdown will cost the state $700m, but the federal government has made no formal plans to help bridge that gap.

“The economic outbreak of the Victorian outbreak is not insignificant,” admitted federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg. …

I cried the whole drive from the hospital to the florist. The GPS kept giving me directions at the last second, and I kept missing turns. Everything around me was strangely familiar, but I didn’t know how to use the landmarks I kept passing as a guide. I screamed in frustration a couple of times. I mistakenly drove in the right lane, only to find myself stuck behind someone waiting to turn.

“Again? How many times can this happen in a day?”

I smacked the steering wheel handles hard. I planned my escape, gently reversing back until I could clear…

Due to the rise of outspoken groups with inhumane ethics, I must clarify that this article means anything unrelated to the direct or indirect violation or disruption of human rights (see: United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights for further details.)

Now: Remember fidget spinners? Barely?

The lifespan of an item, concept or way of living is subject to washing-machine style approach. There is the initial phase, where the introduction of the idea or object might be a small percentage of the population. A slow trickle of interest builds. A sense of uniqueness is formed around it; no one else…

Everyone and their dog seems to have done a Pilates class at some point. Many of us fall hard in love with it; but others struggle to see the point of it.

“It’s not that hard,” huffs my friend’s mother’s friend. “I just think I get more from a cardio class.”

Perhaps she does. Firstly, that’s her prerogative. Secondly, she feels differently in her body than I do in mine. Save any audible gasps for a truly offensive comment. But if that sentiment inspired something similar to hers in you, or even just curiosity, read on.

Pilates is not about…

Sitting is the new smoking. Leading with our heads forward instead of our chests is the new sitting.

Just kidding, of course. But posture-related issues are becoming more and more common (see; “3 surprising risks of poor posture”.) It should be noted that this article is NOT a replacement for a visit to your GP or physiotherapist, but it does provide general cues that may provide relief or assistance to your posture. Additionally, if any of these actions cause you pain — even the most mild — you should take note and see a health professional. …

Ariel Norris

Linguist, dancer, writer.

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